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* JENN *

I conceived what would have been my first child on Tuesday, March 13, 2001. On Thursday, March 29th, I tested positive on a home pregnancy test. In our blissful joy we headed straight for the doctor’s office to have the blood test done. When the lab called back later that morning, the results were…inconclusive. The … Continue reading


My name is Katie, and I am 25 years old. My husband and I were married in February 2002, and I went off of birth control in October 2002. We were able to get pregnant the first month we tried, in January 2003. I had a normal pregnancy; I was nauseated but only vomited once … Continue reading


In early October 1999, I took a pregnancy test that came up negative. I waited until my period was late, then took another one. It came up faintly positive. On October 23, 1999, I was in a rear-end hit-and-run collision. I went about a week with what seemed like no ill effects to the baby. … Continue reading


I found out I was pregnant back in November 2002. I made an appointment to see the midwife at my doctor’s office, and she did all the normal checks and arranged for my 12-week scan. On the 2nd of January, my partner and I arranged to go to the hospital. We were so excited, we … Continue reading

Jennifer I.

My husband and I talked about starting a family for quite a long time before reaching a decision. I went through a lot of emotions about when the “time would be right” and whether I was ready to be a mom. It was not something we went into halfheartedly. We really talked about it a … Continue reading