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As a perinatal social service provider, working with pregnant women and new mothers, I spent many years looking forward to and planning my own family with my husband.  In fact, my oncologist later called my first pregnancy the “best-planned pregnancy ever,” as I did “everything right”—making sure I took good care of myself, taking vitamins, … Continue reading


I was 7 weeks pregnant and feeling fine when I had a scan to see if I was having twins. I was quite big by then. The scan was bad news. They said maybe I had gotten my dates wrong, but there was no way. They then checked my hcg, and it came back at … Continue reading


My story began in August 2000. I was 23, in a serious relationship with my now husband, and I became pregnant. We were so excited at the thought of a new baby. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I miscarried due to a blighted ovum. Not long after my miscarriage, I found out … Continue reading