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Every now and then I reflect back on the year 1968, when I was diagnosed with a mole pregnancy (that is what I was told at the time). I thank God for the wonderful doctor I was put in touch with, or I would not be here today. At the time we were new to … Continue reading


In March 1993 I became pregnant with our fourth child. We had had three children in just under 4 years with no problems, and I wanted one more baby before calling it a day. This time, however, it took us 17 months to conceive; the previous pregnancy had occurred while I was on the pill, … Continue reading


I had a molar pregnancy in September 2001. I was only just turning 24 at the time and was working away from home at a holiday site. At the time I only knew that there were pregnancies or miscarriages; I had never heard of a molar pregnancy. I found out that I was pregnant and … Continue reading