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I found out I was miscarrying on February 22nd (8 weeks along). I was scheduled for a D&C on February 27th. That went fine. I sat around and took it easy for 4 days, and had hardly any bleeding. The following Sunday, however—OH MY GOD! I had done quite a bit of walking around and … Continue reading


In March 1993 I became pregnant with our fourth child. We had had three children in just under 4 years with no problems, and I wanted one more baby before calling it a day. This time, however, it took us 17 months to conceive; the previous pregnancy had occurred while I was on the pill, … Continue reading

Lisa J.

On December 25, 2002, I conceived my first child at the age of 39 after trying for about 15 months. I did two home pregnancy tests on January 13, 2003, and they were positive immediately. My husband and I were elated. We made the decision to not tell our families until after my first visit … Continue reading


In the fall of 2002 my husband Glenn (age 36) and I (32) had been married 2 1/2 years and really wanted to start a family. We’d each been through two or three job layoffs/changes due to the Internet bubble burst; we’d seen our city attacked on 9/11; and we’d sold our apartment and lived … Continue reading


When I was 19 years old I became pregnant for the first time. I was not married, but was very much in love with my USN sailor, Dave. We found out I was pregnant in May of 1989. Being young, away from home, and not married, I was scared but excited at the same time. … Continue reading