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When I Got Pregnant (July 2019) My adventure changed 180° when I met him. Things haven’t been the greatest in my love life, and I was about to leave for Alberta, Canada, on a new adventure when he was ready and finally asked me out on a date. Our date turned into two, three, and … Continue reading


I found out I was miscarrying on February 22nd (8 weeks along). I was scheduled for a D&C on February 27th. That went fine. I sat around and took it easy for 4 days, and had hardly any bleeding. The following Sunday, however—OH MY GOD! I had done quite a bit of walking around and … Continue reading

Lisa K.

My name is Lisa and my husband’s name is Brian. I am 25, and Brian is 29. We got married in June of 1997 and decided that we would wait to have kids after being married for 5 years. In October 2000 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and advised that if we wanted to have … Continue reading


We had a long and busy summer in 2013, filled with vacations and fun. My husband had finished his nursing school, and family time was upon us. In August we came back from our cruise, and I felt a little funny. I love to eat, and even with all the buffet menu of the ship … Continue reading

Emma D.

Hi, I’m Emma. I’m currently 19 years old. My partner and I have been together since May 2012. His name is Tim. We have dealt with a great deal of judgement because we have lived together since I was 14. He is 18 months older than I am. When I had my molar pregnancy, we weren’t … Continue reading