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I found out I was miscarrying on February 22nd (8 weeks along). I was scheduled for a D&C on February 27th. That went fine. I sat around and took it easy for 4 days, and had hardly any bleeding. The following Sunday, however—OH MY GOD! I had done quite a bit of walking around and … Continue reading


I am 29 years old and have been married since I was 20. My husband is now 37 and has been ready to have a baby for quite some time. Although I have never really tried to conceive, I knew that when several years of marriage without birth control produced no pregnancy, something was probably … Continue reading


As a perinatal social service provider, working with pregnant women and new mothers, I spent many years looking forward to and planning my own family with my husband.  In fact, my oncologist later called my first pregnancy the “best-planned pregnancy ever,” as I did “everything right”—making sure I took good care of myself, taking vitamins, … Continue reading


I had a molar pregnancy in September 2001. I was only just turning 24 at the time and was working away from home at a holiday site. At the time I only knew that there were pregnancies or miscarriages; I had never heard of a molar pregnancy. I found out that I was pregnant and … Continue reading


My name is Peggy, I’m 46 years old and live in Prince George, British Columbia. I am a choriocarcinoma survivor of nearly 18 years, and this is my story. My daughter, Carolyn, was born in June 1984, and before I could turn around it seems, I was pregnant with my second child, Daniel, who was … Continue reading