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Diagnoses – Partial hydatidiform molar pregnancy including nonviable fetus with multiple chromosomal abnormalities (spina bifida, triploidy, and likely heart defects) – Missed abortion/intrauterine fetal demise sometime during 16th week, discovered at 17 weeks 0 days – Preeclampsia complicated by HELLP syndrome My name is Stephanie, and I am 27 years old. I have been with my … Continue reading


My name is Fran. In 1985, after having 4 children, I had a hydatidiform pregnancy. I was 21 weeks and had my first ultrasound. I hadn’t had much trouble with my other pregnancies, and I wasn’t expecting anything wrong. I took my two preschoolers with me. They were in the room with me when the … Continue reading


I miss being pregnant. My whole life, all I wanted was a baby. In August I noticed that my period was late, and I got so excited that I went to the pharmacy at 9pm that night to get a pregnancy test. I didn’t close an eye that night; all I could think of was … Continue reading


February 2013. Positive. I was so happy that day. I worked out that I must have been about 5 weeks along. The lines were so quick to appear and very bold. Over those next few weeks I became increasingly more sick. I would throw up 3, maybe 4 times a day—morning sickness with a vengeance—and … Continue reading


I am 36 years old and am blessed to have whom I consider to be the most beautiful, happy, healthy 10-month-old baby girl I can imagine. Without her I believe that the last few months would have been much more difficult. On May 12th I found out that we were to have our second child … Continue reading