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When I Got Pregnant (July 2019) My adventure changed 180° when I met him. Things haven’t been the greatest in my love life, and I was about to leave for Alberta, Canada, on a new adventure when he was ready and finally asked me out on a date. Our date turned into two, three, and … Continue reading

Ruth (tetraploid)

I found out I was pregnant while I was home with my husband in August. We were not trying to become pregnant but were uncomfortable with very aggressive or hormonal methods of birth control. We were both concerned, and I had incredibly mixed feelings about it ( I took about five home tests to make … Continue reading


March 17, 2017, was a good day. It was a great day, actually.  It was the day when I woke up with that little suspicion, charted my basal body temperature (BBT), and saw it hadn’t dropped yet, and dared to pee on that stick.  It was very faint, but the second line was there. It … Continue reading


I found out I was miscarrying on February 22nd (8 weeks along). I was scheduled for a D&C on February 27th. That went fine. I sat around and took it easy for 4 days, and had hardly any bleeding. The following Sunday, however—OH MY GOD! I had done quite a bit of walking around and … Continue reading


My name is Avital. I had a complete molar pregnancy with a viable co-existing twin. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on September 7, 2016. This is my story: Ever since my husband and I decided to have children, nothing came easy. We struggled for years before conceiving our first child—with the help … Continue reading