I was on vacation with my small family. I’m a mother of two, a 2.5-year-old healthy girl and a 15-month-old healthy boy. When we returned home from vacation about a week later, I realized I had not gotten my period. I have irregular periods, usually coming every 30–45 days. I decided to do a pregnancy test, and the second line instantly showed up! I panicked because we did not plan on getting pregnant and already had our hands full with two little ones.

I immediately called my OB. They said I needed a referral to see them again because it had been 1 year since I had seen him. In the meantime, we had no time to waste, I needed too see how far along I was! I went to the emergency room and booked an ultrasound. That’s when the nightmare started. The girl did a topical and then an internal ultrasound so they could see things better. It never crossed my mind that something was wrong. I had to wait 5 hours to see the OB at the hospital for the results. I was put into a room with a male doctor and a nurse who were both standing; I was sitting. He first asked me if I got sick a lot, and I said NO, thank god I am mostly healthy. He then went on and gave me the scariest news ever; he said, “You have a molar pregnancy, and this is a rare condition.” He went on to explain the risks. I immediately asked if this was cancer, and he said in rare cases it can be, but is the most commonly treated and has the highest cure rate.

My head just started going numb, I could feel it. He did tell me before I left that it was very rare to get cancer from it. I said okay and left, as I was in shock. I went home and did my research on molar pregnancy. I was booked in for a D&C a couple of days later. Before surgery my hCG was roughly 53,000. I met with the surgeon, who said this may not even be molar because my hCG level was very low.

My D&C was done May 13, 2019, at 1300 hr (1 pm). The surgery itself was not too bad. Everything went completely fine. My doctor wanted to see me again in 10 days. That was a dreadful 10 days for me! When I went in to see my doctor again, he said it was actually confirmed molar pregnancy but they were not sure if it was partial or complete. The sample had been send out to another doctor for his opinion. This meant I had to wait another month for the results. In the meantime, I was told to get bloodwork done every week until my hCG reached 10 and under.

I was getting bloodwork done every 72 hours. The anxiety level and panic attacks were emotionally killing me. I was losing a lot of weight, my facial skin went pale, and my blood pressure was slowly going up. Usually 90/50s, it was now in the 130s/84, with a pulse of 99. So I was on the high side. Being a nurse myself, I knew what was happening.

This is my hCG levels weekly; I know I was getting it done every 72 hours, but I will type it in the weekly form because it just shows better how it was going.

HCG- May 13 – 41000 – 42000
2 weeks after D&C May 30, 2019 – 150 (I had my doctor order a chest x-ray about this time also)
June 6, 2019 Week 3 – 40
June 11, 2019 Week 4 – 18
June 18, 2019 Week 5 – 6
June 21, 2019 – <5 followed by a normal ultrasound with no abnormalities.