My story goes back to April 1983. My daughter was about 18 months old when my husband and I found out we were pregnant again. We were thrilled, but 2 days after a positive pregnancy test I started spotting. I went to the doctor and they said I was miscarrying and needed a D&C. We were devastated. One week after the D&C we were told I had had a molar pregnancy. I was 21 years old and had no idea what this was. I went in for weekly tests and then monthly tests to check my hcg level.

Everything was going great; my hcg levels were falling. Then my husband was transferred to a new base (we were military). I talked to the doctors at the new base and asked them about my counts. They said everything was fine; the results were negative. I ask what the count was on one occasion and they said 5. I panicked. The doctor said it was fine. I knew something wasn’t right, but I was in denial. We moved one more time to our permanent base in Arkansas, and I continued testing. My first test in Arkansas, which was my 11th month of testing, came back at 400. The doctors did an ultrasound and found a sac and cloudy stuff. They sent me to a bigger hospital to get a better ultrasound.

Eventually they decided I had had another mole, and it had gone on way too long. I was sent to a hospital in Mississippi for treatment. When I arrived in Mississippi, they did all the necessary examinations and whisked me into surgery to take a football-sized cyst off of my ovary. Thank God it was not cancerous. Then I started my rounds of chemotherapy. My counts were so high they had to start me on three different drugs at the highest doses they could. They also checked my lungs, liver, and brain to make sure they were not affected. God was with me, and I prayed and so did my family and friends. The doctors told my family that they were not sure I would make it. They predicted I would be in the hospital at least 6 months. The one thing that kept me going was my beautiful 2 year old daughter and husband, who were at the hospital as much as they could. I was far away from other family. My sister, my mom, my brother-in-law, and my brother came to see me right before my sister got married. I was going to miss her big day.

My counts dropped faster than the doctors expected, and 3 months later I was going home. I weighed 80 pounds and had no hair, but I was alive and thanked God for that. It took me about 6 months to gain some weight back and about a year to get my hair at a decent length. My counts stayed at 0 for a year, and I was considered cured. I thought I had come to terms with having only one healthy, wonderful child, and life was great. When Amanda turned 5 and started school, I wanted another baby, so we decided to adopt and put our name on adoption lists. When Amanda was 6 and a half I was volunteering at a hospital, and one of the doctors asked to see my records. I had been telling him how much I wanted another child. He told me he wanted to talk to my husband and I. We set up an appointment and went to see him. The doctor started me on vitamins and told me to eat healthy and we could try and get pregnant within 6 months. How scary! But I so desperately wanted another child.

Seven months later I was pregnant. I had an ultrasound, and they saw the sac, but I wasn’t far enough along to see a baby. The doctor assured me he had seen no signs of a mole. Three weeks later I went in for another ultrasound, and we saw the tiny heartbeat and again no sign of a mole. I cried; my husband and I were thrilled. We thanked God and prayed every day that everything would be fine. Two weeks later I spotted, and at first I panicked, but then I thought God was with me. I prayed and a peace fell over me, and I knew before we arrived at the doctor that everything would be fine. They checked me and said everything looked good, and then they did an ultrasound. The tiny heartbeat was there, and the baby looked good. The spotting stopped that day, and the pregnancy went great. Kevin Bryan was born, a healthy 8 lb 3 oz baby boy, on December 19, 1991.

Kevin is now 12 years old and very active; he plays every sport and is a gift from Heaven. Amanda, my daughter, just got married to a great guy, and life has been great. My daughter is pregnant with her first child, and I pray everything goes great. My prayers have been answered over and over again. I have been blessed. For all who read this and have had a molar pregnancy hang in there, pray, and lean on your family. You will get through this. You are strong, and life will soon again be wonderful. Believe me I still think about the time I spent away from my family, all I went through and what I lost, but it has made me a stronger person and brought my family closer together. I appreciate life every day and enjoy my family every day. I teach preschool and enjoy those children because I know they are little miracles.