I am 33 years old and found out that I was pregnant the end of April 2002. My husband and I were so excited because we had been trying to conceive for over a year. I had been taking fertility medication and finally decided to have an intrauterine insemination. We were very surprised to find out it actually worked. In the middle of May we went in for our first ultrasound, having been told that we could be having twins or triplets. We couldn’t wait to find out how many we were having. Much to our surprise they found two sacs but couldn’t find the fetus. We were so devastated. We actually never expected to hear such terrible news. After meeting with our doctor he suggested we hang tight, because it was possible that I was not as far along as they thought.

Three weeks later I was told the fetus never grew, and I would have to have a D&C. It was just so difficult to imagine. I had to explain to my other two children what happened to the babies. Hopefully one day we will be blessed with another child. In June 2002 I went to the doctor, and he told me that I had had a full molar pregnancy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He advised me not to try finding information on the Internet because they usually give you the worst case. Of course I had to look this up, and he was right: most of the information I found was terrible. But it has been very comforting to read what others have gone through and to know that I am not the only person dealing with such a great loss.

I’m going in for another ultrasound to make sure everything is OK. The doctor did, however, tell us that if my hcg level has not gone down that I would have to start on a pill form of chemotherapy and that the cancer is almost 100% curable. He also said that I would be able to start trying again in 3 to 6 months, but he’d prefer us to wait for 6 months. I just thought I’d share this information to let others know that reading their letters has helped me to have hope.

Things are actually going much better for us now. I am still having a very difficult time dealing with what has happened, but I have a lot of hope. In mid-June I received my lab results and my hcg level was already at 242. On June 28th I went in for more lab work and was told that if my level dropped down to 5 or less and stayed that way through the end of July I should be able to start trying to get pregnant again, but if I decide to go through fertility then I would have to wait until September. In early July I was down to 25, and I expect to be below 5 very soon. Hopefully God is on our side and we will be pregnant by October. I am just grateful that things so far haven’t gone bad.