I am 29 years old and have been married since I was 20. My husband is now 37 and has been ready to have a baby for quite some time. Although I have never really tried to conceive, I knew that when several years of marriage without birth control produced no pregnancy, something was probably wrong. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I rarely have periods due to tiny cysts on my ovaries. I was placed on birth control so that I would have periods. I continued on the pill until November of 2001 after deciding with my husband to try and have a baby. I figured I would wait a couple of months and then schedule an appointment for fertility testing.

I skipped my December period, nothing strange there, and had a heavy period in January. By February 2002 I was feeling tired and sick. I didn’t have a period in February or March. By the end of March, I was feeling really nauseous and not myself at all. On April 2nd, 2002 I took a home pregnancy test, just to rule that out. It was positive! I couldn’t believe it! I knew my husband would be so happy, after waiting so long and anticipating fertility issues. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and tell him (I took the test at work). Just to make sure, I stopped by a clinic on my way home and confirmed a positive with another urine test. I got home and called an OB/GYN and scheduled an appointment for 1 week later.

Because I rarely had periods to begin with, and did in fact have one in January, they wanted to make sure I was at least 8 weeks before seeing me. My husband got home and I told him I was pregnant. He started to cry. In shock, we held each other. We were so happy for our miracle. We called and told our family, everyone had been asking about it for years and when we told them it was sheer excitement. During the week before our appointment, I was very tired and nauseous. I had light spotting of brownish discharge for the 2 days preceding my appointment. I was very eager to see the doctor and make sure everything was OK.

Tuesday, April 9th came and my husband and I went for our ultrasound. The doctor inserted the probe vaginally and was silent as he moved it around for what seemed like forever. He then asked me how much bleeding I’d had. I knew then something was wrong. He turned the monitor in our direction and said, I see cysts on the ovaries and this mass in your uterus. He took out the probe and explained what a molar pregnancy was. He said the tumor was large and we needed to remove it soon. He was so kind and sympathetic. He scheduled an abdominal ultrasound for the following day to confirm the mole and asked that I go down to the lab to have my hcg checked. Later that night the doctor called and told us that my hcg was 400,000 and that he thought I was 12-13 weeks along. The next day the ultrasound confirmed the mole and we scheduled the D&C for Thursday, April 11, 2002.

I arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am and went into surgery at 9:00 am. I was completely asleep and remember nothing. I took 2 weeks off work to regain myself and recover. My first post-operative hcg level went from 400,000 to 14,000, the next week it fell to 8,500, and then it fell to 6,500. After 3 weeks I was still bleeding so I called the doctor. He had me come in to see him for an examination and ultrasound on Friday, May 3rd, at which time he found a mass in my uterus. He said it might be a blood clot, but he wanted to check my levels again to be sure. He said he would call over the weekend with results. Not too concerned, I went out Saturday night only to find a message from him on my machine. He said my level had gone up to 7,900 and we needed to do another D&C the following day. He said he would call in the morning.

The doctor phoned Sunday to say that he was talking to two specialists who were trying to decide between another D&C or chemotherapy. He canceled the surgery and told me to stay patient while they decided. I found out Monday that he would do another D&C on Friday, May 10th, 2002, which was just yesterday. I will have my first post-operative hcg test done this Tuesday. I only pray for the best.

Well, unfortunately the test was not good. Not only had my level gone up, but the tissue removed from the surgery consisted of a typical cells, consistent with cancer. I began weekly chemotherapy injections the following week. Although it took longer than the doctor had hoped, after 7 weeks of chemo my latest beta level was less than 2! Finally, some good news. The doctor ordered 2 more weeks of chemo just to be safe and then more tests in a month. I hope that this is now behind me. No one can believe that all I am thinking about is how soon I can try again. I figure I’ll give it one more shot.