I found out I was pregnant back in November 2002. I made an appointment to see the midwife at my doctor’s office, and she did all the normal checks and arranged for my 12-week scan. On the 2nd of January, my partner and I arranged to go to the hospital. We were so excited, we were going to see our baby on the screen for the first time! We had it all planned: we would go for the scan, get the pictures, and then go and see our parents. When we got to the hospital, we were shown to the ultrasound room. The scan began, and soon it was clear there was no baby. There was only a big gray patch with lots of black holes.

They then performed an internal scan, but still nothing was there. My partner and I just couldn’t believe it. I had not had any bleeding. I had been feeling sick, but I had thought it was just morning sickness. We were taken to the gynecology unit, where we were told that I had had a miscarriage and would need a D&C. They arranged for me to come back to the hospital the next day for the procedure. The miscarriage nurse said it looked like a molar pregnancy but didn’t want to alarm us; we would wait for my results to come back. The following week I called the hospital. It was confirmed that I had had a molar pregnancy, and I was referred to a London hospital for tests. I was told that there was a slight risk that the mole could turn cancerous, thus I would need follow-up treatment. The word cancer seemed to be the only thing I could take in at the time. I did some research and collected leaflets and found that cancer was very rare.

I had my first blood test and was told that my HCG was originally at 20,000 but had now gone down to 11 within 3 weeks. Luckily, after two tests my HCG level came right down and is now normal. I am now being monitored until July, just to make sure that everything remains normal. My partner and I can begin thinking about trying for another baby in just a few more months.

I am glad I have found other women in the same situation, a lot of the women I know who have had miscarriages claim they know what you are going through. If only they knew that after the loss you still have the anxiety of awaiting test results.

Update, July 22, 2003
I have received a letter from the hospital, and everything is fine!

Update, March 15, 2004
I am now 28 weeks pregnant and my baby is due on the 9th June!