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These stories are true personal accounts (including Jenn‘s) by women who’ve experienced one or more molar pregnancies. I have sorted them into categories so that you can find stories most relevant to your situation.

I am always accepting story submissions, so if you’d like to add your story to this site, E-mail the full text (either as an E-mail or Word attachment) to and I will read, edit, and post it to the site. You can also add photographs (if desired); please send as JPEG files less than 5mb in size. The more complete your story is, the more it will help others. Be sure to include your first name, your diagnosis, the time you were (or are) required to wait before trying to conceive again, any complications you experienced, your treatment, and any relevant details. Feel free to share additional information, such as your experiences trying to conceive or being pregnant after your molar. Your story be on this site for years to come and seen by countless women who are feeling exactly how you felt, so share what you learned; how you felt; how your doctors, friends, family, and partners treated you; and whatever feelings or experiences you had that might offer insight, information, or comfort to others.

I also ask that you include your FULL NAME, preferred E-mail address, and location (not your address, just your city and state or country). This information will NOT be posted on the site but will be used for my records in case I need to follow up with you at a later time or have additional questions. Only your first name will appear on the story post itself. If you’d prefer not to have your name on the site, you may choose an alias and include that in your E-mail, but I will still require your full name for recording purposes.

Finally, to all visitors, please keep in mind that this is a page dedicated to those who have suffered a loss and are grieving. Please show respect and sympathy for each other.

Thank you to all of you for visiting. I am sorry if you’ve been brought here by a loss, but I hope you find support and peace in the information and community I’ve created, and I wish you all the best of health and happiness for the future.

*Please note that the publishing dates on the stories are not representative of when the stories were actually published or when they occurred.*

Partial Molar Pregnancy

Jennifer I.
Karen C.
Lucie & Pete



Complete Molar Pregnancy

Emma D.
Lisa K.
Lori Y.

Type Undetermined

Phil & Pat

Multiple Molar Pregnancies

Katie & Jamie

Regrowth After Zero

Lisa J.



Mole + Viable Fetus

Krista C.

Live Birth With Coexisting Mole


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12 thoughts on “Personal Stories

  1. I found out I had a molar pregnancy today. I was 7 weeks and it was caught very early. I’m grieving pretty bad but I am grateful it was caught on time.

    • Hi Brittany
      I was diagnosed with a molar pregnancy on the exact same day as you and was also just over 7 weeks. Devastated and terrified all at once. I had my d and c procedure this morning and all went well. I wish you the very best during this difficult time. Although it’s impossible to understand why this happening to us we have to believe it was for good reason and thankful we know early versus late. Please feel free to contact me anytime, take care xo

  2. Hi Brittany & Kyley
    I was diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy in Dec 2013, I had my d & c and my hcg levels continued to drop a small bit but then in Feb 2014 it was decided to start me on methroxate injections as my hcg levels had started rising and a scan showed there wasnt any tissue in my womb so it was most likely in the wall of my womb, I had 36 injections to date, my treatment is finally finished hopefully, the treatment was to kill off the tissue cause if it had continued to grow it would have caused a curable form of cancer. I now have to get my hcg levels monitored on a monthly basis and have to wait until I can try for a baby, this would have been baby no 1 so obviously I was gutted, has this happended to anyone else???

    • Dierdre, I’m sorry this hasn’t been answered yet. If you haven’t found support, please visit our support group on Facebook; many of the women there have had to go through chemo and can answer your questions.

    • Hi Deirdre
      I’m really sorry for what you are going through, I had a molar pregnancy in March and did not get my D&C until May. I did not go through what you did but I’m sure you can find someone that has. How long do you have to wait to conceive again?

      • Hi Valerie M, I have to wait 12 months after my last injection, have to get monthly blood tests to check my hcg levels but so far they have remained the same thank god. Molar pregnancy is so uncommon I think if i had a miscarriage I would have coped better cause you dont have to wait etc. Do you have to wait to conceive again? Do u have kids already?

  3. Hello! Please remember that all posts here are public, so keep that in mind when sharing personal information. You can always join our support group and interact privately with dozens of women who know this experience firsthand!

  4. I just found out I’m 3 months into my molar pregnancy. My husband was more devastated by me. We wanted twins. This would have been my 2nd pregnancy. I currently have 18 mo. Daughter (terrible twos) at home. I sent to the ER hospital a week prior for severe pregnancy symptoms. I was told there that I had high blood counts but was released, the doctor said that was normal. My ob/gyn is very concern and has order a CT scan of my brain, a x-ray of my liver and a sonogram. She believes cancer has traveled throughout my body. Everything is just going by so fast. I just found out two days ago, I went it for my exams yesterday. Today i discuss my results and options as far as my health goes. My husband is already making plans for whom will tend to my daughter while I’m doing chemotherapy. I was really excited for a second baby. This was the worst news I’ve gotten. I know I will not be able to conceive for a minimum of a year now. I pray everything goes as planned and I am able to conceive in a year.

    • Sorry Rosa that you had to go thru the similar stage like me but I don’t think no ones worser than mines because I’ve gotten diagnosis with choriocarsam last year of June 19,2015.this could have been the worse year of my life and very sad.I went thru chemotherapy and had a surgery on my uterus to get it removed finished it out on October 25,2015 only to find out as of December 23,2015 it came back but this time on my lungs and it seems as it keep traveling the thing about it is I keep hearing its a curable cancer false information if you asked me cause if that’s the case it wouldn’t come for them to say its curable to make you feel better is a lie.right now as I’m writing I’m still going thru chemotherapy as I started January 21,2016.this is very scary and serious I can’t see myself without my kids so I’m doing everything I’m asked.just keep me in prayers.

  5. I found out last Friday that I had a molar pregnancy…I was 8w3d…I had a d&c the night I found out since I came in through the ER… I’m still heartbroken and impatiently waiting for my doctor visit at the end of the month. I’m terrified I’ll have cancer and won’t be able to try again for a year or more. My husband and I have a 4 year old and felt this was a perfect time to have our 2nd and last child and now I’m going through this. I just want 1 more baby and now I feel like it’ll never happen 😞

    • I’m so sorry. Heather. Please consider joining the support group; the women there are all going through the same thing and will understand exactly how you’re feeling.

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